Games Design MVP Dissertation

For this project, I worked extensively with Unity to create a prototype that showcased my improved skills and knowledge. I took on various responsibilities, including block modeling the environmental assets using Blender and coding the entire project in C#.

I utilized forums, tutorials, and Unity documentation to enhance my programming abilities and learned how to create custom scripts for adjustable gameplay elements like weapon and player/enemy stats. Additionally, I gained proficiency in using arrays, serializable fields, and the Unity animator for object animation. Through trial and error, I honed my Unity skills and familiarized myself with best practices.

Notably, this project allowed me to develop the necessary skills to rapidly prototype game mechanics and level designs. Alongside technical expertise, I also improved my numerical design skills by comprehending the impact of adjusting various values within the game systems.

Lastly, I prepared a design document that emphasized the commercial viability of the game, focusing on commercial placement and theoretical development planning.

This work Achieved 71/100 | Distinction Grade.

Playthrough Of The Prototype

Commercial Plan and MVP Prototype Pitch


Computer Network Security Exploration

In this project, I conducted thorough research on network design principles to optimize performance, scalability, and security. By utilizing Cisco Packet Tracer, I designed and configured networks, simulating various topologies and protocols. To assess the effectiveness of my design, I evaluated access control, user privileges, and the implementation of IPSec VPN. Furthermore, I addressed ethical and social considerations essential for safeguarding the network design against cyber threats. Discussed the professional standards and legal obligations for ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

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Secure Cloud Computing Research Project

This project involved researching and identifying cloud security elements, both vulnerabilities and mitigation measures to improve understanding in the design and implementation of a secure Enterprise network. My approach involved using Natural Languague Processing in R to collate and find common themes in existing academic literature. This research looked into security challenges, mitigation against identified challenges and an exploration of cloud service models as well as regulatory frameworks.

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Information Governance and Cyber Security

I developed an information governance policy for a mock company and wrote an accompanying report, which provides justification of policy contents, chosen framework, risk assessment methodologies and strategy to implement strong information governance for the given organisation.

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Cloud Data Big Data Migration and Visualisation

In this project, I produced an infrastructure diagram for a data migration project, showcasing the tools and solutions involved. I created a Big Data project in the cloud, migrating existing databases and incorporating chosen features. Demonstrating the use of appropriate tools and software, I implemented security controls. Additionally, I designed a data-driven dashboard for a sample scenario, providing insights into travel bookings and data security. I also discussed professional practices for legal, ethical, and social compliance in the Cloud and Big Data environment.

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Computer Security Module

In this project, I conducted a comprehensive analysis of computer security elements, identifying potential risks and proposing countermeasures. I examined key security issues using Threat Intelligence and evaluated cybersecurity frameworks for effective protection. Implementing identity and access management controls in Active Directory, I enhanced computer security. Additionally, I addressed social, ethical, and legal considerations, emphasizing the required code of conduct for IT professionals in the computer security domain.

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Dissertation Research Module

This project involved developing a personal development plan, maintaining a research log, and creating a detailed project proposal, showcasing critical thinking, research skills, and consideration of ethical and professional aspects.

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Games Design Dissertation

In this project, I developed a Unity prototype to showcase my enhanced skills and knowledge. I created block models in Blender and performed coding in C#. I implemented custom scripts for adjustable gameplay elements, and gained proficiency in using arrays, serializable fields, and the Unity animator. Through trial and error, I improved my Unity skills and acquired best practices. This project allowed me to quickly prototype game mechanics and level designs. I also improved my numerical design skills and prepared a design document with a focus on the commercial viability of the game.

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